Garage Floor Painting and Epoxy Services Near Palm Beach

Oil spills, spray paint overflow, dirt and grime can diminish the appearance of your garage floor over time. Call Sykes Painting Services to give your old garage floors a new look with epoxy or paint.

Sykes Painting Services is the painting company Palm Beach residents call on to make a garage floor look instantly cleaner and fresher. The water-resistant, epoxy finish is easier to clean than concrete and eliminates the dust associated with concrete floors. Call today at 561-722-6763 for a fast, free quote in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens or the surrounding area.

The Cost of Garage Floor Painting or Epoxy In Palm Beach:

Know the total cost of painting your garage floor with complete certainty. With Sykes Painting Services, forget the shock of getting a bill with unforeseen expenses. Our garage floor painting and epoxy specialists conduct a comprehensive review of your project. We provide you with a price including not just painting supplies or labor but the total cost of painting or epoxying your garage floor.

Get Professional Prep Work and Clean Up

If the garage floor is prepped correctly your paint can last for years to come. To ensure a high-quality result, our professional epoxy garage floor painters pay close attention to prep work.

Steps To Epoxy or Paint Your Garage Floor

  1. The painters at Sykes Painting Services fill small cracks with mortar repair compound and use concrete patch for larger cracks or holes.
  2. Concrete patchwork must dry completely. Depending on the weather, this can take up to 48 hours.
  3. Next, we etch the concrete surface to allow epoxy paint primer to absorb.
  4. After etching the concrete, we apply a milky layer of specialty paint primer or epoxy primer.
  5. Finally, the painters at Sykes Painting Services apply several coats of paint or a one-part epoxy paint.
The painters at Sykes Painting Services are very conscientious when it comes to being clean and tidy. We keep our work area clean and complete a full clean-up quickly after finishing the project.

If you are looking for the best garage floor painting and epoxy painting company in the Palm Beach, FL area, give us a call today. We often serve homeowners in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens. If you are not in one of those cities or towns but still in the general Palm Beach area, please still give us a call. We are happy to give you a free quote for the services you are requesting.

Call us today at 561-722-6763 or request a free estimate.